Forty- somethingish. Afraid of heights. Will never ever ever bungee jump ( although I’d probably like it).  Learned to NOT take the short cut on a mountain road. Loves Colorado in July and Texas in October. Will always be over dressed. Had an angel encounter. Loves to be in the kitchen and always wears an apron. Drinks water. Loves dark chocolate. Started drinking coffee after 40. Gardening is therapy. Art is therapy. Merchandising is therapy. Loves late nights at Haberdashery and happy days at Blackchalk. Works visually. Sees beauty in the tiny things. Seeks adventure, hand out the window riding the waves and going where the wind takes me. Loves quiet moments, family, friends, tacos, music, chic flicks, photographs, flowers, travel, dinner in the garden. Morocco is next... bucket list Australia/Ayers Rock, New Zealand, Egypt, India to name a few. Baking with my daughter, fly fishing with my hubby and son, collecting heart rocks and family road trip adventures are my favorite things!  ❤️